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Charles Iruobe

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February 20, 2019


PROPHECY – Receive the War Mantle

This is what the Lord says; I am restoring the warrior mantle upon My sons and daughters after the order of the mighty men of David. I am raising for Myself an army of spiritual warriors. I will undergird you with strength. I will instill in you a spirit of boldness and courage. My warrior bride will break through the enemy lines and assault the gates of hell and take back what has been stolen from this generation. I will place on you my zeal and passion for My Kingdom. Do not shrink back. War with Me in the arena of prayer. War with Me in worship and declare My word with boldness. I will put perseverance inside of you. You will scatter the powers of darkness and break demonic rule over territories. Receive My mantle.


WORD – Don’t Fight Alone

“He awoke from his sleep and thought, “I’ll go out as before and shake myself free.” But he did not know that the Lord had left him.” Judges 16:20


Israel had been in distress before the birth of Samson. God sent an angel to announce his birth to his parents. His birth was not so much for their sake, but for Israel’s sake. Their son, Samson, was to be a deliverer and was called from his mother’s womb. As Samson grew, he experienced the power of God upon his life. But the power was not in his hair, neither was it in his muscles. It was not a physical fitness program that made Samson strong. It went beyond the physical. The power that came on Samson was because of his vow to God. Keeping his hair long was only a sign of his consecration. Samson’s supernatural strength was unmatched. No army or enemy was able to defeat him.


As long as Samson was obedient to his vow, God kept His part of the bargain. But Samson missed it. Seduction from Delilah weakened him to surrender the secret source of his strength. When Samson married Delilah, he sealed his downfall. Delilah was determined to ruin him. For Samson, the weakness in his heart was stronger than the strength in his body. Although he could strangle a lion, he couldn’t deal with his burning lust. He failed to see the real deadly Delilah.


Delilah wore Samson out, tricked him and cut his hair. The minute that happened, his strength left him. He had broken the vow. The anointing and power departed from him. Samson had disobeyed the mandate and failed in the assignment delivered to him. When his hair was clipped, Samson rose to fight but did not know the Lord had left him. He was too weak to defend himself. He had betrayed himself and God and he paid dearly for his sin.


Rather than kill him, the Philistines captured and plucked his eyes out. Blinded and without strength, he was taken to prison. Meanwhile, Delilah walked away with her cash prize from the Philistines.


One of Samson’s problems was that he walked all alone. He felt no need for others. Samson was completely isolated. We must fear isolation especially when surrounded by enemies. The enemy will attempt to separate you from others in order to destroy you. We need people to help keep us on the straight and narrow. Samson did not see the need for that kind of help.



We need to be connected in a community where we can be on alert together for the dangers that surround us. God sends people to us to walk alongside us, encourage and strengthen us in our walk with him.



I Need You to Survive by Hezekiah Walker





1 John 4:7-8

Written by Charles Iruobe

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