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Charles Iruobe

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February 22, 2019


PROPHECY – Wake Up The Warriors!

I hear the Lord say; Wake up the mighty men and women of war. Let them draw near and I will anoint their shields for war. This is a war for you to regain that which was lost. It is for you to take grounds that I have desired but you are yet to enter into. My anointing will bring healing, restoration, and a setting free of those taken captive. The enemy is at war but I anoint you because I have great and mighty victories designed for you. The territory I have designed will come to those who would be of good courage.  Set your mind to be an Army of Courage. My warriors will run towards the sound of battle. I will give you courage to thrive even in the intensity of conflict. Do not be discouraged by opposition or trouble. This is the time to know who you are, Who has sent you and understand the power of My kingdom that you represent. I call out a warrior generation. They will be provoked to action by the evil strongholds that hold men in bondage. They will not live for themselves but for My kingdom.



THE WORD – Fight For Your Family!

“Nothing was missing: young or old, boy or girl, plunder or anything else they had taken. David brought everything back.” 1 Samuel 30:19


Ziklag was David’s home while he was on the run from Saul. It was a little town on the outskirts of Philistine country. David and his men returned from a trip to see their town plundered. A band of Amalekite militants had raided the town and looted their homes. Their houses were set on fire and women and children kidnapped. How terribly devastating it was to the great warriors to discover they had no home nor family on their return.


This is a current strategy of the enemy to distress God’s soldiers. Manipulating the home front becomes an indirect means of manipulating the warriors of the kingdom. No warrior can retain his celebration of victory if he has come home to a devastating defeat. Sometimes, we return from war to meet another battle and our former victories only become meaningful when we get restoration on the home front.


Marriages are under intense pressure. There is a war raging in households across Christendom. Many children are growing up without godly principles upon which they can build their own future families. Children have easily become a target for these evil Amalekite forces.


In the midst of the confusion in Ziklag, David lifted his eyes to God and encouraged himself. This was one battle he could not afford to lose. Despite David encouraging himself in God, his men were still distressed about the loss of their wives and children.


As soon as David was encouraged and with faith at a new level, he knew it was time for action. He enquired of the Lord; “Shall I pursue?” God said “Pursue!” This was all David needed to hear. The word brought clarity as God reassured him; “You will surely overtake and recover everything.”


David immediately pursued the Amalekites, ambushed and attacked them furiously from morning till night.

David’s victory was perfect. Nothing was lost. He and his men got their families back. David successfully went to the camp of the enemy and recovered all that was stolen from him.



The enemy wants to delay and destroy marriages, scatter families and kill the destiny of our children. When the enemy strikes at us, we must be encouraged in God and take action to strike back courageously. Like David we have to vigorously engage the fight on the family front. Stand up for your family and children. Fight for your marriage. Fight for your future.



God is Fighting For Us by Darlene Zschech



Nehemiah 4:14

Hebrews 12:12-13

1 Sam.30:1-20

Written by Charles Iruobe

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