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February 5, 2019


Expect Some Amazing Things                                                  

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5 (NIV)


We’ve been asking God to do some really amazing things in our lives in 2019. We’ve been asking for the move of His presence and His power. But we sometimes miss the amazing things God does. Joshua was finally getting ready to lead the people into the future they had being waiting for, for a long time. That was when God commanded Joshua to tell everyone to consecrate themselves. In effect God was saying “Why don’t you prepare yourselves because I am going to do some incredible things in your midst and I don’t want you to miss it”.


Consecration was an essential part of the preparation process to enter the Promised Land. To be “consecrated” is to be set apart, to be dedicated for a special purpose. To the Israelites, this involved having a wash and changing their clothes. This act represented an awareness of their uncleanness before a holy God, and washing symbolized a fresh beginning in relating with God.  This was significant because Jehovah, the Holy One, was among them. What distinguished Israel from other nations was the presence of God. As His people, they were to reflect His nature and live by His laws to show others the benefits of having Him as King.


Consecrating oneself was an external act that displayed readiness for the plan and will of God. Today, our consecration is an internal work of separation and commitment to God through the act of seeking Him in prayer and meditation; to bring our hearts into a place where we are prepared to receive the Lord in faith and reverence, expecting Him to do the amazing things He has promised.


Notice how confident Joshua was in his proclamation that God was certain to do wonderful things. There was no doubt in his mind that God would perform a miracle on their behalf. In the same way, let’s get ready for some really amazing things this year. Maybe it’s time to stop browsing some sites on the internet or perhaps to review some toxic relationships we are in. Or maybe God is asking you to set yourself apart one way or the other from the world.


I want to challenge you to ask God what you need to do today to consecrate yourself for the amazing things He has planned for the days ahead.



Lord, I declare that you are everything to me. I consecrate myself to you. Deliver me from sin and the works of the flesh. I cannot live without your presence.



♬Change my heart oh God



Ps 24: 3- 5

2 Cor. 7:1




Written by Charles Iruobe

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